Bullet Proof Mornings with Boon

Nov 14, 2017 Dubai - United Arab Emirates

I take no shame in calling myself a caffeine addict, so when I stumbled upon Boon Coffee on Instagram I knew instantly that I need to get my coffee beans from them!

There is more to Boon Coffee than being just a small cafe in JLT; apparently, it is an organic specialty coffee roaster, providing the finest, freshest and most skilfully roasted coffee beans available in the UAE. They have been providing coffee beans to our favourite local coffee shops in the city for years. Not only that, Boon Coffee believes that education fosters opportunity, and that is why they assign a portion of their profits to help children in these communities attend school and get the education they deserve.

In all honesty, the coffee beans I use at home usually come from anywhere. Yep, I buy coffee beans at Starbucks and Carrefour whenever I run out of stock. However, upon trying Single Origin coffee beans from Boon a year ago, I think I may never go back to using supermarket brands. My favourite bag of beans from Boon would always be the Kaffa — it has a deliciously creamy mouthfeel, with slight notes of floral jasmine & berry. It has a long and slightly cacao finish with a touch of mango sweetness.

Lately, I have been experimenting with my coffee. I've been adding coconut water to my normal iced latte, even waiting for 8 hours for my cold brew... And I read about one interesting recipe called Bulletproof Coffee. I've first heard about it from a friend who is doing a Ketogenic Diet. Upon research, I've found out that Bulletproof Coffee is, essentially, a hot coffee, plus two tablespoons of butter, plus a tablespoon of MCT oil. Apart from the energy you get from the caffeine, Bulletproof Coffee also makes you full for a long time.

I make my own coffee at home with my Hairo Chemex, but for a cup of Bulletproof goodness, I mix it with a tablespoon of butter and coconut oil. Simple, right?

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