Falling In Love On The Road

Aug 31, 2017 Armenia

This is the scene.

You sit in the passenger's seat and your whole world is beside you. Finally, the distance between the both of you is no longer numbered by miles but fingersteps. One, two, three fingersteps away sits the love of your life, wearing a red shirt and ugly cargo shorts. "Finally," you whisper to yourself. Although the view through the window should have been the only breathtaking scene, the boy beside you leaves you breathless with every word he says and every look he gives. The palm of your hand falls perfectly on his, as if god had molded it together when he made everything in the universe. So you hold hands, as if there was no deadline, as if everything was endless. You kiss when you see the mountains. You kiss again when you see the lake. You kiss again when you arrive. You step out of the car, and you think again, finally, after everything you know where you're going and you are going with the one you love. "To the water," your love screams. And you run after him. You swim through the little tides, and it was calm because there weren't waves to conquer. And you kiss underwater, breathless. And you kiss again, floating, breathing. "You are finally here," you say. "Finally," he replies.

This is the scene. Imagine this never ends.
This is your soundtrack.

Someday We'll Be Together Again — Bonjr
Chateau — Angus & Julia Stone
Jennifer — Fazerdaze
Get Some ft. Kamille — Ghosted
Happy Ending — Alex Cameron
Want You Back — HAIM
Cherry Wine — Hozier
Somebody You Found — The Japanese House
All I Wanna Say — Lontalius
One More Love Song — Mac DeMarco
Girl Like You — Toro Y Moi
Don't Delete The Kisses — Wolf Alice
Motion Sickness — Phoebe Bridges
Tadow — Fkj & Masego

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