Aug 12, 2017 Dubai - United Arab Emirates


If you ever pass by JBR and see traffic, it must be because of Depresso. Cars line up for this ~cool~ donut on top of a coffee cup concept.

You can read on a review from Huntr Dubai and know which items to try or just check out their Instagram to see what drinks you can try before you visit. The Spanish latte tops my list, and the most Instagrammable of the bunch, the Pink Choco follows.

Much has been said about the cafe or how Instagrammable the food they serve are, but not much has been told about the baristas that run it. When I came to visit, Nail welcomed me with a warm smile of familiarity. He was so good with entertaining the guests, as another blogger was there, and he'd told me stories of how the brand came to be. While I was taking photos, a jolly barista named Jaja asked me about the lens I was using. I followed his Instagram instantly when he happily talked about photography, in his bio wrote "simple coffee maker." But the most meaningful chat I've had during that night would be with Mister Friendly, Juan Carlos Mendoza — a Filipino barista who's dedicated his life's passions to coffee. He's moved from the Philippines to create coffee with passion and love in Depresso. We talked about the cafes we loved to visit and hang out at back home. In his arms are tattoos of coffee tools and innuendos of the caffeine culture. When I asked him about the inks he had, his eyes lit up and he talked about everything he loved about coffee.

So the next time you drop by Depresso, stay for a while. Talk to the people that make your coffee and learn more about the drinks you drink and the food you Instagram.

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