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Jul 16, 2017 Dubai - United Arab Emirates


As cliche as it may sound, I am currently writing this entry in Friends' Avenue JLT.

I just finished a cup of skinny cappuccino while working on different things. The place is kind of quiet now and there are only two of us inside — apart from the cool and smiling baristas. There's me, drowning myself in words, and the office man who's having his cappuccino and is probably waiting for his breakfast. This could probably the usual vibe here on weekdays, before lunch time. Mostly, I hangout at Friends' Avenue during my days off, as I count it as one of the best places to hangout in during the weekend. On weekdays, I just grab coffee and go. So this is the first time that I actually stayed for a couple of hours on a weekday and observed how it goes in this quaint cafe, smacked right in the middle of JLT.

Only a week ago, I went to visit their new branch in Motor City. Faz, the sole owner of the newly opened branch of Friends' Avenue, was there to talk me through the brand and how it went from scratch. Apparently, Friends Avenue opened last 2015 and from then on, they earned a loyal clientele of breakfast lovers, coffee connoisseurs, and of course, friends.

What struck me the most about my casual chat with Faz was when he said that they wanted their food to taste like it's from home. And as an expat, living and working here in Dubai, I wanted to taste food that reminds me of home. Sure, my Mama doesn't cook fancy eggs benedict and make iced latte like they do... But what Friends' Avenue reminds me of are the breakfasts I've had with old friends at cafes back home. Dining and hanging out at this cafe instantly brings me back to where I was a year ago.

Okay, so what to order — Tri Color Eggs Benedict and Iced Latte anytime, any day! For dessert, I strongly recommend to try their milkshakes — my favourites would be the Strawberry and Peanut Butter, and Salted Caramel Milkshakes. Yep, I know it's a milkshake and it should be a drink on the side, but whatever, it's dessert for me.

“Friends’ Avenue CafĂ© is not a fast food fuel stop, nor is it a fancy, special occasion restaurant. We are a casual, relaxed place, which forms part of your daily or weekly routine. We are aiming to create a warm, comforting space that serves the type of food that you want to have with your friends, family and people close to you," as what their website says.

I also asked about freelancers hanging out at the cafe and working there. Faz said that they're open for everyone and from my experience, they're very much welcoming. I'm not throwing shade to the cafes whose waiters stare and discreetly ask you to leave once they realize you've stayed looooong enough, as I understand that they have to make space for more foot traffic. One advice that I'd like to give to freelancers visiting Dubai, or expats who plan to work at Friends Avenue is to charge your laptop or secure a spot that has a plug nearby.

I'm quite sure that this place will be part of many fun memories as I continue to live in Dubai. Soon enough, I might have to share this table for one with new friends and have talks over milkshakes and lattes or french toasts and sandwiches.



Anyway, enough of my word vomit. Here are some pictures I took with @hannahmagsayo at Friends' Avenue Cafe, Motor City.

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