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May 29, 2017 Dubai - United Arab Emirates


In my 9 months of living here in the UAE, part of me still yearns to look for a cafe that serves culture in their cups. Apparently, % Arabica is one of those cafes. I was invited by the team behind the cafe for a late night caffeine session at their new branch in City Walk. I said yes with the purpose of knowing the cafe more.

My usual goal when visiting cafes is to work on my freelance gigs; But this visit is an exception, as I was really there for the coffee. My love for coffee has gotten into extremes ever since I learned how to make my own coffee — from French Press to Chemex, Aeropress to Cold Brew — and sites like Man Make Coffee and Drift Magazine has drawn me closer to understanding coffee culture all around the world.

From Kyoto to Dubai, % Arabica aims and preserves their remarkable reputation for serving perfected simple cups of coffee, alongside with a fine selection of pastries. % Arabica is simple yet stylish with a Japanese minimalistic design, strong brand identity and high quality coffee beans that are roasted fresh in store. Sincerity separates the brand from other 'cool' cafes as it isn't chasing the trend of serving third wave coffee but to pursue the everlasting value in coffee.

If you're seeking for the perfect bag of coffee beans, try buying from % Arabica as their offerings include 12 single origin coffee beans – prime quality coffee with unique tastes and a richness from fresh roasted coffee to a meticulously created roast profile.

What initially drew me in to % Arabica is the minimalist, Japanese-inspired interiors; what made me stay, though, is their Iced Spanish Latte. But what I'm really saying here is, if you happen to be in Dubai, drop by % Arabica and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Read more about their story in their website here.

(Matcha Latte and Spanish Latte, 24 AED each)

(Portrait of me by Plhong Flores)

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