All The Perks Espresso Cafe

Mar 25, 2017 Dubai - United Arab Emirates


I have always been on the lookout for cool cafes to visit and work at. Now, more than ever, after living in Dubai for almost 7 months, I have found cafes where I can comfortably chill and do freelance work. For the past months, All The Perks Espresso Cafe has been my go to.

After meetings and during days off from my full time job, I go all the way to Financial Centre to lounge around the comforts of this cafe. What I like about All The Perks is that their coffee is affordable, almost the same price as Starbucks. It's not too fancy and intimidating unlike uber-hipster coffee shops. The staff are pretty friendly as well, most of them are Filipinos; they treat the customers with warm smiles, a rare feat for coffee shops that I've been in Dubai. They also have strong WiFi connection as well as available plugs for chargers, both of which are important for freelancers like me.

What I don't like about All The Perks... is that their blended coffee doesn't taste as good as their macchiatos. I haven't tried their cakes so I don't have any opinion for it.

I usually stay outside so I can smoke and during the times I went there the weather was great, but I can imagine how hot it would be during the summer as they don't have umbrellas. Yet. I don't know, perhaps they have it but they only use it during hell-esque, summer days.

7/10 stars, I recommend this place for freelancers in Dubai looking for places to comfortably write and do freelance work. It's also great for meetings and casual hangouts.


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