Coffee Workshop with Henny

Nov 13, 2016


I have always loved making coffee. Until now, I still think of it as something that I'd do if my plans in life fail. This eagerness and curiosity, as to how coffee is made in different parts of the world, always keep me up from watching videos until the wee hours. So when this opportunity to learn how great coffee is made, through gift cards and good friends, I gave it a shot.

Shout out to my grammer ho(mi)es — @lookingforabura and @maizycolleen.

After hanging out at the beach, I immediately went to Mall of the Emirates and looked for Common Grounds. On their website, the cafe claims to be a haven in a fast-paced mall, in a city that never sits still. I could never argue with that because the mall is full almost always and Common Grounds is a haven for shopping time-outs, instant relaxation, interesting food choices, and best coffee.

When I arrived at the place, I was greeted by their accommodating staff and led me to Henny. I was giddy but I hid it with a casual, cool smile and said my greetings. He was eating when I arrived but he stood up, shook my hand, and offered me some coffee. When he was done, he took me to the bar counter where the coffee magic happens.

In between our hour-long workshop, I was able to know a little about Henny — he's been making coffee for 8 years now and was trained in Belgium. He doesn't like how the Swedes make their coffee. Lastly, he made coffee in The Sum Of Us before Common Grounds.

The workshop was short, sweet, and precise. He taught me how to make specialty coffee using the French Press, Hario V60, Syphon, and Aeropress. Also, he introduced me to the coffee beans Common Grounds is selling and gave me notes on how to appreciate the taste and the difference of each coffee cup made. Here's a visual diary.

Visit Common Grounds at the Level 2 of Mall of the Emirates

Also, I'd like to thank Pyongs for coordinating with Henny and making this workshop possible. Yay!

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