Paper Fig Desserts

Oct 30, 2016


Whenever I go places or move to a new city, I always look for quirky, inspiring shops to hang out in. Knowing that Dubai's café culture is growing and blooming, I knew for sure that somewhere, somehow there will be a coffee shop that I will enjoy hanging out in.

Clichés aside, coffee shops have played a great part in my career. Starting out as a freelancer doing graphic design and writing feature articles, I always end up being more comfortable working in cafés. Fast-forward to now, cafés have become my go-to for people watching and de-stressing.

On the first few weeks of being here, my friends invited me to take part in an Instameet. I haven't been in one, except for the photowalks (before it was called Instameets) that I've organized with J during the second year of LIEU Magazine. Also, it's wonderful to know and live with Instagrammers who've lived in Dubai for a long time. They know where Instagrammable places are with great food and a-plus coffee.

Apparently, it was the Worldwide Instameet (#WWIM14) last September, and it happened to take place in Paper Fig Desserts, which is one of the hidden gems in Sharjah.

Paper Fig Desserts lives up to being a gem, as it probably is the only (if not, let me know) cool café that Sharjah ever had. Walled with carefully arranged woods, cupboards stacked with eye-catching items, and of course, perfectly-made desserts, matched with curated food and tasteful concoctions.

I went there with old friends and met a lot of Instagrammers. On the first hour, I was getting to know the place and the absorbing the vibe, but for the rest of the time spent there, I participated in the activities and took food photographs, attempted to perfect a non-flatlay-flatlay, and mingled with the people.

Also, I ordered their cold-brew. I'm not a coffee superstar, but I know what I want. For the record, Paper Fig Desserts' cold brew might be one of the best-tasting, properly brewed cold brew I've had after moving in Dubai.

If you're in Dubai, (or planning to visit) endure that hour-long drive to Sharjah and visit Paper Fig Desserts. I promise you, it's going to be worth it.

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