Grey Areas

Jan 15, 2016

I have written a few phrases yesterday, 
you can read them if you want.

Also, I woke up pretty early today so I walked around the subdivision where my apartment is and took photos of random things and self-portraits with me wearing a brown turtle neck.

if i had many, many things to say to you i would have said it in a heartbeat but i do not have anything to say to you anymore so here is my silence 

— — —

i can still taste you in my mouth eight hours after you said we are done and we both know we are not — never, at this point, we just have to accept — over each other so no matter how much we try to close the door and watch each other walk through different paths we will always meet because circles do not end

— — —

i imagine how am i going to sleep tonight — in what position, during what time — so that i may never find myself crouching in the corner of my bed near the wall just to avoid your silhouette because quite frankly you should have not done that

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