On Growing, Group Exhibit

Dec 3, 2015

And other things.

We're down to the last month of 2015. This year flew by so fast and it has been an amazing, amazing year for my art. I started 2015 by living in Siargao and completing my 'We Are Water' series which I exhibited last March, and now I'm ending it with an exhibit with my friends from Alleycat Tea House.

This exhibit took too long to be completed and now it has finally happened. I don't know lots of artists in Davao, but I'm pretty sure I'm in the right crowd, trading secrets and sharing information on figuring how our art can evolve slowly, slowly.

Fuck, I don't know what to say anymore except I'm so happy, very, very happy for this exhibit.

Thank you to all those who came.

All the art works are for sale, so if you're interested contact me through +63 922 426 8680.

Here's my statement:

'Water Me With Memories' is a piece that lets you in on something very personal. In it are pressed flowers, fragments, poetry, and cut outs of digital photographs on top of a grid of unfocused film photographs — individually taken and written from different situations — collated to tell you a secret.
A short poem by the artist is placed at the top left and it reads "Perhaps I will miss the bed / We've lit fires in there [...]" in Swedish as translated by Victor Hejll.

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