BTS: The Merry Joy Show

Dec 9, 2015

"Gwapa na ka dai? 'Wa baya ka'y pulos."

One afternoon I got a call from AVL asking me to be part of this year's Film-A-Thon, which is a challenge to make a film within 24 hours and conquer roadblocks in between. With no screenplays and actors in mind, I immediately said yes. Even though I was in the middle of rendering my first entry for this year's Mindanao Film Festival, I said yes. I had too much on my plate, I thought, but I won't have this opportunity someday again.

I called the team I usually collaborate with, but they declined because of personal reasons. I didn't want to beg so I called Loisa, my forever partner, to join me in this one hell of an adventure. She said yes. With her and I working on art things, we're already complete. But when she asked me, what screenplay we're doing, I told her "Wala pa, ambot."

Come a couple of days after and we were sitting with different Davao filmmakers for the orientation. We felt uncomfortable and insecure, having no script, no screenplay, no actor, nothing. Great things come to those who wait... So we thought.

LA, my muse and my best actress from the 9th Mindanao Film Festival, was busy so she was out of the picture from the moment I ended the first call I made. However, I had another ~cool~ person in mind, the real life Mary Joy. So I called and MJ said yes, without hesitations but her agreement came with a request — no sexual acts.

Okay. How?

The day before, I still didn't have anything, so Loisa and I drank a few bottles of beer... And slept. I woke up at 3AM, three hours before the call time, and wrote a screenplay about a girl named Merry Joy — a Davao-tagalog speaking millenial struggling to arrive at work on time, has a lot of thoughts in her mind, conscious about how she looks, constantly smoking and daydreaming of going away to the sea or elsewhere.

I woke Loisa up and told her the story. We both laughed. Ending the laughter sooner than it should be, we went to the location at San Pedro street.

Here are some pictures taken by our student buddy assigned to us by AVL, Vyannkka:

Smoking in breaks as MJ reviewed the kalat screenplay and guide we had for the day.

Filming some scenes at San Pedro street, as required.

Taking a break before going to our next location.

MJ took us to her secret place.

Before going to Gaisano Mall for another roadblock challenge, we took a photo.
(L - R: Aidx, Loisa, MJ, and Vyankka)


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