BTS: Ang Paghinumdum

Dec 7, 2015

"Unsa'y lasa saiyang tulos?"

[What's the taste of his cum?]

Ang Paghinumdum (Sa Akong Mga Sturya Nga Dili Nako Masturya) is a screenplay I wrote about the conscience and the conscious. Toying about the idea of having the 'Daddy Complex,' I created a character of a boy who loves his father extensively.

This film went through revisions and criticisms. When I showed the screener to one of my closest artist friends, I was told that it needed more, better treatment. To me, it was all that I wanted, one shot, one take, no complicated cinematography and effects.

If you ever have the time to watch this, please do but please don't expect anything. I'm sorry, I'm at loss for words.

I'd like to thank Kevin Caro for developing the story, JM Santillan for always, always going out of his way to make things happen and for the lights and cinematography, Anna Miguel Cervantes and Angely Chi for the criticisms, Loisa Batac and Dave Osman for agreeing to act despite the weird story. Thank you so much. I am always grateful for all of you.

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos:

Here is the schedule of Ang Paghinumdum at the 11th Mindanao Film Festival:

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