There Will Be Days

Oct 4, 2015

Here's a photo dump.

Lately, life has been really hectic. Coming back from Stockholm last month, I was never able to stop and take a break. September went by so fast I almost feel it happened overnight, but well, the pictures in my camera are proof that there were days and nights that I enjoyed in between multiple responsibilities.

Amy went to Kopi Roti and hung out with me one night. We spent hours doing productive things — articles for me, marketing collaterals for her.

Actually, she's selling cute stuff for your animals (and catnip for your cats),

I hung out with Ira and Teacher Baia during the night when I decided I wanted a septum ring.
We ate at SNR and roamed around Abreeza after I bought a new pair of eyeglasses.

I really think I look good with the septum ring. My boss thinks otherwise.

Anna Miguel Cervantes and I went to Sales for a drink — beer for her, Tanduay for me.
We talked about different things. We even judged you, your lifestyle, and your parents.

Yep. We do that.

Nope. We're not sorry.

My yaya painted my walls and I had to paste some memory things there.

Every night, after work, I go to Alleycat. I don't know why.

Loisa and I went to The Peak to eat dinner at a new dimsum place. We had salted egg rolls and yang chow.

I passed by Trivia Tuesdays at Sales because I had to interview Paolo for a story we're doing and Meki, Cheekie, and the rest of their Tuesday group were there so I decided to stay until 10:30.

I did some production design for a commercial too. I don't know if it will be aired in national TV.

I went to Gaisano to buy some film for the wide intsax Chap lent me. Luckily, JM was there. I ate dinner with him. He went with me as I smoked at The Peak. I left afterwards.

My days aren't numbered yet. 
Spend a day with me?

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