Mixtape: For Mr. Augustine

Oct 16, 2015

Here is a prose and a download link.

B took me by the hand and looked at me one afternoon in a hotel room, he asked "What songs do you listen to?"

I told him I listen to sad songs. I received a smile like it was a gift. Minutes after, he was already writing something on the back of a Vans x Andy Warhol collaboration post card.

Sometimes, whenever I look back to that moment where B stood outside H&M wearing the sweetest smile a man could have, I think about why I chose to be kissed a man who's in a 4-year-long relationship. But it's not like I knew. He only told me over dinner that he was happily in love with someone that wasn't me.

In the post card he wrote, "For Mister Augustine, if you need a song to brighten your day." Other words were there too, written in an American (says my friend) penmanship. All I really wanted to read though was, "See you somewhere in the future."

Everything you just read might not be real.


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