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Sep 7, 2015

You don't go to Stockholm to shop.

I think?

The moment I stepped in Amsterdam and bought a glass of beer in Schipol Airport, I knew right then and there that wherever in Europe, everything will be expensive. You see, I've prepared for that. I did not want to shop in Stockholm, I did not imagine my wardrobe to expand the moment I open my luggage when I get back home. Life, as you know it, squeezed a lemon on my tired eyes and woke me up from my European dream when KLM Airlines told me my baggage will have to be delivered someday. I was supposed to feel bad, wasn't I? But no. I walked out the Arlanda Airport with only one bag that had no extra clothes.

On the first day, I immediately went to H&M in Hornstull to buy underwear and basic shirts that I found in the sale racks. I only bought a few, thinking my luggage would arrive the next day. But it did not. So, everyday I'd go to different shops to look at their sale items so I won't have to stress myself out by figuring how to use the washing machine in the apartment. God knows I don't know how to laundry.

During those days of wandering around Stockholm, I got to explore Södermalm. According to what they told me, if I wanted to shop for cool things I should visit the place. I did.

The vibe in the streets of Södermalm is relaxed, creative and trendy, especially in the Sofo area. This neighborhood offers a myriad of vintage stores, eclectic shops, Swedish fashion, galleries and design stores, mixed with an abundance of places to eat and drink.

Two of the best viewpoints in the city are located on Södermalm: Fjällgatan and Monteliusvägen. Art galleries are nestled shoulder to shoulder on Hornsgatspuckeln.

The Hornstull area has undergone a renaissance and is now a trendy meeting place for Stockholm hipsters. 

Here are some shops I found:


This is one of my favorite moments during this time. I found a shop that sold only photobooks and a shop that sold Impossible Project Polaroid films. Of course, I didn't buy anything.

Stockholm — 0 • Aidx — 1


Herr Judit and Judit's Secondhand broke my heart. Everything they sold were designer clothes that cost as high as my 2 week allowance in the Philippines. I won because even though I was about to pay for the APC jacket and the Acne shoes, I put it back on the rack and moved on with my life.

Stockholm — 0 • Aidx — 2


In these stores, I lost. I bought lots of stuff that (I thought) I needed, 3 tote bags, 2 handmade soaps, 1 drawstring bag, and 2 shirt. House of Rym, WOS, and the plant shop were too inviting. Albeit expensive, I really think that the quality of the things I bought is worth it.

Stockholm — 5 • Aidx — 2

When you get to visit Stockholm, don't forget to drop by Södermalm!

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