Aug 27, 2015 Stockholm, Sweden

Spent two weekends in Stockholm, but the last weekend was kind of the best.

It's not the shit-faced, I-was-so-drunk-last-night kind of best but it was almost like that. Almost.

After working for 8 hours at the amazing office of Photowall last Friday, which I'll also be posting soon, we headed to an outdoor restaurant in the park near Slussen. I tried Googling what the name of the place was but I was unsuccessful. I'd rather show you photos.

PS -- The photos are a bit unfocused and it's not a trend.
I'm trying to figure out how to perfectly use EOS M + 22mm f/2 lens.

Iddeh and Marcus took us to the park while introducing a new route going to Skarpnack station.

The Photowall team warmly welcomed us since the first day. Usually, the warmth of welcome lasts up to three days, but theirs lasted until we left. Thank you guys!

Marcus, Johanna, and I chose lamb over beef, pork, and chicken. I was assigned to grill it perfectly, but the klutz in me overpowered... I dropped a lamp chop.

They served the barbecue with bowls of salads. I forgot the names, but it was delicious.
I had beer and some wine too. Got a little buzzed. Uhm...

Then it was time to go to Trädgården.

This very popular outdoor club under Skanstullsbron (Skanstull Bridge) on Södermalm is open all summer. If you don't have a festival to go to this summer this is the place to go to if you want to experience a genuine festival mood. You can drink beer from a plastic cup, dance, watch live performances...or why not a game of ping-pong or boules? Remember to arrive early on popular evenings to avoid the long lines later on. -- Visit Stockholm

They weren't joking about the long lines.

Drinks were expensive but we got a few anyway. I had, well, Rum Coke and a glass of beer.
I realized I didn't need that much alcohol to dance, plus I was already a bit buzzed. So I took a shot at dancing like no one was watching. Well, no one watched and no one knew me anyway.

One goal of mine was to take a photo in one of those vintage photobooths they have abroad. After days of looking, I found one at Trädgården. Amber and Ayda, who also danced with me somewhere, took photos with me. Damn son, it was expensive.

And then my feet got tired and my eyes grew sleepy... So it was time to leave.

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