Afternoon Walk

Aug 31, 2015 Stockholm, Sweden

Took a No. 4 bus and got lost. Good job, Aidx!

T R A N S L A T I O N 
Eftermiddagspromenad — Afternoon Walk

It has always been my goal to get lost in a new city. It is only through this that I get to know the place as it is. I remember a reading quotes from books about getting lost and finding your way is the best feeling in the world. It is, it was.

I lost track of where I was after passing by the bridge near Hornstull. It is apparently the only place in Stockholm that I've gotten to memorize. 

I got off the bus after I realized there were no people left but me. I kept laughing at myself because I acted like I knew where I was going when in fact I panicked the moment I realized I've got no map in my bag. However, I realized I could just ask people because someone told me, "your social skills will take you anywhere." I'm glad that my social skills earned me little chats from strangers about how I'm not Thai, that the weather in the Philippines is unbearably hot and humid, and directions as to what bus should I ride next and where I should be waiting for it.

Before returning back to Hornstull, I managed to take a few snaps:

Honestly, there's no point in trying to caption these images because I don't know where the fuck I was.

I hopped off the bus two stops away from Hornstull to take pictures from Liljehomsbron.
Damn right I had to Google the name of the bridge.

These photos were taken at around 8:00PM. 

On my first day in Stockholm, someone took me to Malarpaviljongen and from there I saw the bridge from a different perspective. I never thought it would look much more beautiful from the opposite direction.

I stopped by this record store fronting Hornstull's train station. I found Patti Smith's old records and a Swedish translation of Just Kids. I also thought I'd buy Oasis's What's Your Story Morning Glory for someone back home but I put it down when I realized it'd be a stupid idea.

Finally it was time to cross the bridge to get some kebab from the food truck near 7 Eleven. I went back to the apartment when I couldn't feel my legs anymore.

PS — There will be more posts about Stockholm. I hope you won't get annoyed.


  1. Thank you aidx for these great works of yours, I actually put an idea of myself doing the same things. I was one of the attendees in the MADHub Seminar in Davao City and out of four speakers, you got my interest so deep.

    1. Hi Mark! I just read your comment and I'm really happy you got something from my talk. I hope to see you somewhere again. :)



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