Aug 4, 2015

EAT STREET DVO strives to innovate.

When one says street food, what comes to mind usually are kwek-kwek, fishball, isaw, etc. While we don't want to erase that thinking, we also want to offer something new. It has always been like that — to be able to serve alternative street food in Roxas Blvd.

The cooks — Thea, Ari, and Junedy, who are actually graduates of a well-known culinary school in Davao — spent many days and nights figuring out how to add different twists to popular dishes from all over the world. Successfully, they were able to customize the sauces for Liempo, Kebab, and Buffalo Wings. They also went as far as deconstructing the burrito and quesadilla concepts, turning it into a ricebowl and mini-pizza. However, for the dessert, they decided to stay true to how choco-banana crepes should be and only added homemade chocolate sauce.

The story of how we create our food continues to unfold as we are still experimenting on different things; constantly reviewing how our tastebuds react to what we serve, and most especially, what our customers think.

As for our food stall, to be located in an almost chaotic area is a different story. But amidst all that, we were able to create friendships with customers, people in different food stalls, and street kids.

Whatever dish we create and serve, and wherever we are placed, one thing will continue — we will strive to innovate and provide an alternative to what has always been there.

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Text/call — +63 922 426 8680

(L - R: Chelo Kebab, Honey Glazed Liempo, and Chicken Burrito Bowl for 49Php/each)

(L — R: Nachos, Buffalo Wings, and Pizzadilla for 39Php/each.)

EAT STREET DVO's business cards.

Whenever we have free time, we hold #GuerillaGigs, wherein Thea and Daryl play originals and covers.

Our first deliveries to different companies in Davao.

Our customized tables and chairs from the artisans of Boulevard.

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