Jul 31, 2015

Through flatlays and colored-wall backgrounds, I will find hue.

Keeping a well-curated Instagram account is:

1. ... a hard thing to do. I keep deleting photos and selfies that do not match after a few hours because... #Aesthetics. Fuck that.

2. ... giving me a lot of stress and pressure. Haha! Not that I take my Instagram very seriously, but as a creative, Instagram has become my easy-access, social-media portfolio -- A showcase of how good my photos are regardless what camera you are using.

Before I started my 100 Day Project, #100DaysofFindingHue, my Instagram feed was a mess. Honestly, this project taught me how to properly curate a feed and treat it like it's an art exhibit.

Over the days of continuing this project, I was able to explore more on the filters of VSCO Cam and the editing tools of Instagram. Almost all of my photos have been filtered with VSCO Cam's G3 and adjusted with Instagram's powerful sharpen, brightness, and warmth tools.

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Below are photos from Day 1 to 60:

(Days 49 to 60)

(Days 37 to 48)

(Days 13 to 24)

(Days 1 to 12)

(Days 25 to 36)

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