Today’s Forecast

Apr 24, 2015

Today’s forecast is nearly the same as yesterday.

By 9:00AM you will arrive at the office you are working for. Your lunch break at 12:00PM, you will eat out and  you will feel the sun burn your skin. Before you go back to your office at 12:45PM you will smoke a few sticks of cigarettes. It will be very sunny until 5:30PM. You will not mind anything, you will concentrate on your work.

By 5:35PM, you will see the sun set slowly. You will start to pack your things and prepare to go home, because your shift is done. You are doing the same thing every fucking day, you will think.
But today will be a bit emotional. As you walk towards the street where you will hail a cab and you will see a familiar face. A face you have tried so hard to forget. A face you have not seen in years. You will pretend you have not seen it, and just go on and take the fucking ride home.

You will feel the pain you have not felt for years and you ask yourself why you still feel it. You will get home, cook your dinner, and realize you have lost your appetite. You will not eat the aglio olio you’ve prepared for 30 minutes. You will try to sleep and you will feel stupid for even trying. You will try to cry and you will. After, you will feel sleepy and finally you will sleep.

Tomorrow’s forecast will be exactly the same as today.

Photo of the sea in Iligan and coconut leaves in Davao


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