Mar 7, 2015

If one day you ask me again who my first love is I wouldn’t fidget, or stutter. I would drink the beer, look at your sleepy eyes, and confidently say your name in the way I always have. If ever that happens I may have already considered you a person of the past. Someone I can call first but not someone I can call only.

If one day we meet again and you ask me how I have been doing I wouldn’t mind saying that I am doing fine. By the time you ask, I have already drank all the beers I needed to be honest with myself and swallow the bitterness that I kept vomiting.

If one day our stars align again and you see me biking around the city I would gladly smile and say hello. I would not again call you out from the crowd, or shout your name just to get your attention. When it finally happens I have already shouted your name so many times into the void of forgetting.
I hope that day happens. I hope we meet again. I hope our stars align.


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