Hair in 140 Characters

Mar 6, 2015

1. “Cut your hair,“ they say. The only thing that I want to cut right now is the connection that we have. The only best connection that I have.

2. They tell me, “why do you always keep your hair so long.” They never know the sensation I get whenever you fix my disheveled hair.

3. And you tell me, “fix your hair by yourself this time.“ So I did. I never wanted to do it again.

4. So you find another head with disheveled hair, and you fix it with your hands. While I’m dying to feel your fingers again.

5. Thank you for touching my hair and kissing my forehead. I’ll sleep so soundly tonight. I know I wont see you in the morning.

Photo taken during the filming of my music video for Thea Pitogo.


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